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Design Patterns

A design pattern is a general repeatable solution to a commonly occurring problem in software design. It isn't a finished design that can be transformed directly into code. It is a description or template for how to solve a problem.


Posted date Position Company Level
25/07/2017 10 Java Developers - Upto $3000
MS SQL, Oracle, Java, Spring, PL/SQL, Hibernate, J2EE, PrimeFaces, Struts, OOAD, Java Networking, Networking, Design Patterns, Object Oriented Design, Multi-Threading, JMX, Netty, Java SE, ZK, Apache, Big Data, Apache Kafka
Viettel Software (VTSOFT) Experienced (Non-Manager)
25/07/2017 20 Frontend Developers (HTML, Javascript)
HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, Design Patterns, NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS
Sutrix Solutions Vietnam Experienced (Non-Manager)
25/07/2017 10 iOS Developers (Objective C, Swift)
Mobile App, Objective C, iOS, Mac OS, XCode, OOP, Swift, Design Patterns, Object Oriented Design, UIKit, MapKit, QuartzCore
Sutrix Solutions Vietnam Experienced (Non-Manager)
25/07/2017 C/C++ Programming Engineer (IOT Research)
C, C++, Linux, Network Programming, Design Patterns, TCP/IP, Multi-Threading, BSD Socket
FPT Telecom Experienced (Non-Manager)
25/07/2017 Embedded Engineer (IOT Research)
C, Linux, C++, UML, Network Programming, Design Patterns, Sensors
FPT Telecom Experienced (Non-Manager)
25/07/2017 Technical Architect
PHP, .NET, Software development, MongoDB, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Design Patterns, NodeJS, MS SQL, SOA, AngularJS, Mobile Development, MS Azure, Android, AWS, Principle, MySQL, iOS
Poeta Team Leader/Supervisor
25/07/2017 Senior Mobile Developer (Android/iOS)
Mobile App, Android, iOS, Web Services, Design Patterns, SVN, Object Oriented Design, RESTful, UI/UX, Computer Science, Push Notification, Java, Json, Core Java, Algorithm, Adobe InDesign, Machine Learning, Jira, Objective C
ISaas Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/07/2017 PHP Developer
Git, Github, PHP, HTML, CMS, CSS, MVC, Responsive Design, Design Patterns
redWeb Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/07/2017 Urgent- Android Developers (Up To USD 1,200)
OOP, MVC, Design Patterns, SVN, Mobile App, MS SQL, Push Notification, Android, IntelliJ IDEA, Git, Database Design, Unit testing, Java, SQLite, XML, HTML5, CSS3, GPS, Eclipse, UML
Seldat Inc Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/07/2017 Android Developer
Client-Server, Push Notification, Design Patterns, RESTful, Java, Web Services
FPT Telecom Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/07/2017 Mobile Developer (Android/ iOS) ~ 2000$
Mobile App, Android, iOS, Design Patterns, Architecture, Algorithm
VNG Corporation HCM Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/07/2017 3 Ruby on Rails Developers (up to 1500$)
MySQL, OOP, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Design Patterns, ORM, API, Computer Science, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL
CityNow Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/07/2017 Mobile Developer (iOS/Android)
Mobile App, iOS, Android, SSL, Protocol, Java, Objective C, Rest, Client-Server, Networking, HTTP, Design Patterns, TCP/IP, NAT
Hubble Technology Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/07/2017 2 PHP Developers (600$ - 1000$)
HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, CSS, Algorithm, Bootstrap, Linux, Ajax, MySQL, MVC, OOP, Yii, Design Patterns, NodeJS, AngularJS, Laravel, Architecture
Shinway Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/07/2017 BIM Application Developer (C#, Python)
C, Computer Science, Design Patterns, Database Design, MS Excel, VBA, Java, JavaScript, C#, Algorithm, Hosting, Python, VB.NET
Atlas Industries Experienced (Non-Manager)