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As a distributed revision control system it is aimed at speed, data integrity, and support for distributed, non-linear workflows. Git was created by Linus Torvalds in 2005 for development of the Linux kernel.


Posted date Position Company Level
23/06/2017 Senior .NET Developers
C#, ASP.NET MVC, MS SQL, Rational ClearCase, AngularJS, Xamarin, TestDriven.Net, ReactJS, XML, HTML, HTML5, ASP.NET, jQuery, Json, Entity, CSS, CSS3, TFS, Spring, Bootstrap, Hibernate, Ajax, Linq, WCF, UML, IIS, OOP, Git, Database Design, Unit testing, BPM, Stored Procedure, Database Management System, SVN, SQL Trigger, SQL Function
TOG recruitment Experienced (Non-Manager)
23/06/2017 Web Developer – Python
Python, MySQL, Django, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap, Ajax, PostgreSQL, OOP, Git, Database Design, Web Services, XHTML, Design Patterns, Performance testing, RESTful
Rainmaker Labs Experienced (Non-Manager)
23/06/2017 Senior Front-end Developer ( Javascript/html5/css)
React, JavaScript, Java, Materialize, Webpack, Gulp, Redux, Sass, Less, jQuery, PHP, HTML, C#, CSS, Bootstrap, MySQL, OOP, Git, SEO, Symfony, RESTful, AngularJS, Elasticsearch, Google Analytics, Laravel, Foundation
8 Bit Rockstars Experienced (Non-Manager)
23/06/2017 Java Senior Developer
J2EE, Web Services, RESTful, Lambda, Multi-Threading, Jenkins, TestDriven.Net, Confluence, Spring Boot, TDD, JPA, Mock Test, SVN, Rest, Git, Unit testing, Java, Linux, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Jira
8 Bit Rockstars Experienced (Non-Manager)
22/06/2017 Software Engineer
C, Software development, OOP, Git, Jira, MVC, OOAD, Design Patterns, Multi-Threading, Singleton, Gerrit
LG Electronics Experienced (Non-Manager)
22/06/2017 Senior Back-end Developer
Ruby on Rails, Ruby, HTML, CSS, Postgres, Git, MongoDB, JavaScript, jQuery, RESTful, AngularJS, CoffeeScript, Firebase, Sass, ReactJS
AD VN Experienced (Non-Manager)
22/06/2017 2 PHP Developers ( Urgent!! - Salary Up to 1,300$)
MS SQL, MySQL, PHP, HTML, CMS, CSS, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Git, RDBMS, SSH, Test Script
Clevvermail Experienced (Non-Manager)
22/06/2017 Lập Trình Viên IOS
iOS, C, Objective C, Jira, Visual Studio, Git, Dependency Injection, Unit testing, Web Services, Swift, Design Patterns, MSF
AnPsoft Experienced (Non-Manager)
22/06/2017 QA Manager
QA QC, Tester, Waterfall, Confluence, Jira, Git, SVN, Wiki
Luxoft Vietnam Manager
22/06/2017 Back End Developer (Python)
OOP, Python, PHP, MySQL, MVC, Json, Git, MongoDB, SVN, NoSQL
FPT Telecom Experienced (Non-Manager)
22/06/2017 ReactJS Front-end Developer
JavaScript, ReactJS, Json, Json, CSS3, Git, SEO, HTTP, DOM, API, RESTful, SinonJS, GreenSock, Webpack, WebGL, Mocha, Npm
TOG recruitment Experienced (Non-Manager)
22/06/2017 NodeJS Senior Developer
NodeJS, TypeScript, ExpressJS, ExpressJS, Architecture, CI, KineticJS, Mocha, AWS, Elasticsearch, SinonJS, JavaScript, Git, Unit testing, HTTP, Automation Testing, API, RESTful
TOG recruitment Experienced (Non-Manager)
21/06/2017 Front End Developer (HTML, Javascript)
HTML5, AngularJS, JavaScript, Json, Rest API, Laravel, React, Single Page Application, ES6, Adobe Photoshop, CSS3, Adobe Illustrator, Git, Unix, Performance testing
Restaff Experienced (Non-Manager)
21/06/2017 iOS Developer
Objective C, MVC, iOS, OOP, Git, MVP, Swift, Cocoa, Multi-Threading, Rest API, UIKit, Push Notification, Cocoa Touch, UI/UX, MVC, Algorithm, Jira
Lifestyle Project Management Vietnam Experienced (Non-Manager)
21/06/2017 Mobile Developer
Chart, Android, OOP, Git, Dependency Injection, TDD, Websocket, Swift, Design Patterns, Performance testing, Portal, SVN, RESTful, Multi-Threading, SOLID, Architecture, TestDriven.Net, Caching, Json, XML
Nextop Experienced (Non-Manager)