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A relational database management system (RDBMS) from Oracle Corporation. It is one of the most trusted and widely-used relational database engines and rivals Microsoft’s SQL. Oracle Database is the second database in used in the market till 2015.


Posted date Position Company Level
28/02/2017 Java Software Developers
Java, Spring, MySQL, Unit testing, Integration testing, Vaadin, JavaScript, jQuery, Core Java, HTML5, CSS3, Oracle, Spring
TOG recruitment Experienced (Non-Manager)
27/02/2017 ERP System Engineer
.NET, ERP, SQL, Oracle, Crystal Report, VBA
NEC Vietnam Co., Ltd Experienced (Non-Manager)
25/02/2017 20 Java Developers
OOP, Java, MS SQL, Core Java, JUnit, DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL
Telsoft JSC HN Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/02/2017 Senior C# Developer
C#, ASP.NET, MS SQL, Apache, JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL
ARIS Vietnam Co., Ltd Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/02/2017 Java & .Net Developer
Java, .NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, C#, CSS, Oracle, Spring, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, MVC, VB.NET, Jasper Report, Winform, Velocity, Webforms, CSDL, SQL Server, Sybase
Rikkeisoft Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/02/2017 2 PHP Developers (Back-End) (Up to 15M)
SQL, JavaScript, PHP, Java, Json, .NET, HTML, CSS, Oracle, Ajax, MySQL, MVC, OOP, MongoDB, Cassandra, API, NoSQL, Redis
Nam Viet Corp Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/02/2017 2 Mobile Developers (iOS/ Android)
SQL, PHP, JavaScript, Json, .NET, Java, HTML, CSS, Oracle, Ajax, MySQL, MVC, OOP, MongoDB, Cassandra, API, Redis
Nam Viet Corp Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/02/2017 4 Passionate Ruby Engineers
MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Github, AngularJS, Azure, React, AWS, MVP, JavaScript, Oracle, Postgres
Vitalify Asia Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/02/2017 Nhân Viên Quản Trị Hệ Thống & Mạng
SQL, Oracle, NTP, Wireless, Windows, Linux, DNS, FTP, Cisco, Windows Server, DHCP, LDAP, Mail Exchange, Firewall, PBX, Lync, Office 365
HPT Vietnam Corporation Experienced (Non-Manager)
23/02/2017 10 Software Developers( Dot Net / Java )
.NET, Spring, HTML5, Entity, Oracle, SQL, Java, Bootstrap, Hibernate, MVC, Zend, VB.NET, CakePHP, Struts, Wordpress, MS SQL, AngularJS, Seasar
Imlink VIETNAM NewGrad/Entry Level/Internship
22/02/2017 Data Engineer (Big Data)
Java, Oracle, Postgres, Python, Cassandra, NoSQL, Hadoop, Hbase, Apache Spark, Redis, Big Data, Algorithm
FPT Telecom Experienced (Non-Manager)
22/02/2017 Senior C Developer (up to $1,500 net)
SQL, Oracle, C, Unix, TCP/IP, RDBMS, Protocol, UML
BPC Banking Technologies Experienced (Non-Manager)
22/02/2017 [FPT IS] Tuyển cán bộ triển khai nghiệp vụ ERP (SL: 120)
ERP, Oracle, SAP
FPT Information System (FIS) Experienced (Non-Manager)
22/02/2017 Web App Developer (C#, ASP.NET)
C#, ASP.NET, .NET, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Oracle
Pasona Tech Vietnam Experienced (Non-Manager)
21/02/2017 Lập trình viên Java
Java, SQL, Oracle, Spring, NoSQL, RESTful, Memcached, Redis
VNPAY HN Experienced (Non-Manager)