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PHP is a server-side scripting language used for web development. It is the ease of combining with HTML code, also for a variety of template and frameworks. It has become vital in website solutions, for its easy to install, configure and authenticate.


Posted date Position Company Level
18/01/2017 Senior PHP Developer ( 800$ - 1500$ )
Javascript, PHP, SQL, HTML5, CMS, CSS, CSS3, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MVC, Zend Framework, OOP, CakePHP, Yii, XHTML, MongoDB, Wordpress, NoSQL, Code Igniter, NodeJS, AngularJS, Laravel, Foundation, Sass
Universal IT Solutions Experienced (Non-Manager)
18/01/2017 PHP Project Leader
jQuery, JSP, PHP, SQL, HTML, Algorithm, Linux, OOP, Struts, LAMP
IDS Vietnam Co., Ltd Team Leader/Supervisor
17/01/2017 PHP Developer (Web Service)
Javascript, jQuery, PHP, HTML, CMS, CSS, Bootstrap, Postgres, MySQL, Jira Issue Tracker, Zend Framework, OOP, Redmine, Git, Yii, Client-Server, Wordpress, HTTP, Symfony2, DBMS, NoSQL, Drupal, Laravel, Mantis
Ekino. Experienced (Non-Manager)
17/01/2017 PHP Developer
Javascript, PHP, HTML, Ajax, MySQL, Rest, CVS, Struts, Perl, SOAP, Ruby, SSL, Apache, Subversion
Vinasource Vietnam Co., Ltd Experienced (Non-Manager)
17/01/2017 PHP Software Engineer
jQuery, PHP, SQLite, HTML, CSS, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Zend Framework, OOP, Git, Yii, SQL Server, Design Patterns, SVN, ORM, Active Record, NoSQL, Realtime OS
Orenj Technology Co., Ltd Experienced (Non-Manager)
17/01/2017 Technical Project Manger ( Mobile Projects)
Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Ajax, MySQL, iOS, Android SDK
Adways Vietnam Manager
16/01/2017 10 PHP Developers (URGENT)
Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Zend Framework, OOP, Database Design, Yii, MongoDB, Couchbase, Design Patterns, NoSQL, Laravel, Redis
Paymentwall Inc. Experienced (Non-Manager)
16/01/2017 [~1500USD Net] Server Side Systems Developer
Java, Javascript, JSP, PHP, SQL, XML, Oracle, Windows, Linux, XSLT, MySQL, Jira Issue Tracker, Eclipse, Python, OOP, Git, Maven, Coldfusion, XSD, RESTful, Hadoop, Apache Solr, Gateway Load Balancing Protocol, BitBucket, Confluence, Apache Mahout
Defide Vietnam Experienced (Non-Manager)
16/01/2017 4 Web Developers (PHP, HTML, JS, JQuery)
Java, Javascript, jQuery, Json, PHP, XML, HTML, C#, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Design Patterns, Object Oriented Design, RESTful, Laravel, Integration Service, Cordova, IONIC
Rainmaker Labs Experienced (Non-Manager)
16/01/2017 Senior Magento Developer
Javascript, PHP, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Ajax, MVC, Zend Framework, OOP, Magento, LESS CSS, Sass
Forix Experienced (Non-Manager)
13/01/2017 Technology Manager (PHP, Wordpress, LAMP, Laravel)
PHP, HTML, CSS, Wordpress, LAMP, Laravel, IONIC, React
Ringier Vietnam Manager
13/01/2017 Urgent! 12 Senior Developers (PHP/Perl)
PHP, UML, OOP, Perl, Yii, Design Patterns, Symfony, RESTful, LAMP
FPT Software HN Experienced (Non-Manager)
13/01/2017 Web Developer (PHP, Wordpress, LAMP, Laravel)
PHP, HTML, CSS, Linux, MySQL, Web Services, Wordpress, LAMP, Laravel, IONIC, React
Ringier Vietnam Experienced (Non-Manager)
13/01/2017 Senior WordPress Engineer - Attractive Salary
Javascript, PHP, HTML5, CSS, MySQL, OOP, Wordpress, Redis, DevOps
Fram Experienced (Non-Manager)
13/01/2017 5 Senior Developers (PHP, .NET)
Javascript, jQuery, .NET, PHP, HTML5, CSS3
PowerGate Software Experienced (Non-Manager)