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A famous mobile operating system developed by Google with Linux Kernel basic. It is designed for touchable devices such as smartphone and tablets. It has become the most used OS worldwide, leaving iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry behind.


Posted date Position Company Level
18/01/2019 Mobile/Android Developer (All levels)
Java, Android, React
GEEK Up Experienced (Non-Manager)
18/01/2019 Senior C++ Engineer, Sdk ( Up to $2500)
Python, C, Architecture, Android, CI, Computer Science, OOD, Automation Testing, Foundation, C++, Algorithm, Machine Learning, iOS, Matlab, Git, Software development
Emotiv Technology Vietnam Experienced (Non-Manager)
18/01/2019 35 Software Devs (.NET/Java/PHP)
Java, .NET, PHP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Android
Unitech NewGrad/Entry Level/Internship
18/01/2019 Sr. iOS Dev (Swift, Objective C) up to 2000$
Objective C, C, iOS, MVC, OOP, Networking, Cache, Swift, Jenkins, UX, Push Notification, Android, CI, fastlane
TOPICA Edtech Group Experienced (Non-Manager)
17/01/2019 Urgent - Lập Trình Ứng Dụng Di Động (React Native)
iOS, OOP, Design Patterns, SVN, Android, Git
DFM Engineering NewGrad/Entry Level/Internship
17/01/2019 Website Developer (Html, Css, Js, PHP)
HTML, CSS, PHP, HTML5, C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, jQuery, C++, .NET, Bootstrap, MySQL, MVC, Zend, OOP, Git, Yii, Winform, Webforms, CodeIgniter, SEO, Wordpress, Web API, CSDL, Cache, HTTP, MS SQL, Paypal, UX, Laravel, Android, Phalcon, Amazon S3, AWS, Adobe Photoshop, Digital Marketing, Cookies
Bin Holdings Experienced (Non-Manager)
16/01/2019 Android Developer (Java, Mobile Apps)
Java, Mobile App, Android, EDI, MS SQL, Xamarin, Apache Cordova, OOP, Software development, XAML, RDBMS, JavaScript, HTML, C#, CSS
Est Rouge Experienced (Non-Manager)
16/01/2019 Mobile Developer (iOS / Android)
iOS, Mobile App, Android, Storyboard, UI, Blockchain, ARC, Google Play, AFNetworking, Core Data, Jira, Objective C, XCode, OOP, Redmine, Social Network
Launch Deck Experienced (Non-Manager)
16/01/2019 Senior Android Devs Onsite Hàn Quốc
Eclipse, OOP, Android, UI, Web App, MVVM, MVP, Design Patterns, UML, MVC, C, Java
FPT Software HN Experienced (Non-Manager)
16/01/2019 QC Automation Tester
Java, Android, Postman, Algorithm, iOS, OOP, Rest, Maven, Selenium, Web Services, SOAP, Design Patterns, TestNG, Automation Testing, SVN, API, Github, SoapUI, WebDriver, BDD, Test Script, Appium, JavaScript, Json, JUnit, XML, HTML, CSS
Ekino. Experienced (Non-Manager)
16/01/2019 Tuyển Nhân Viên Lập Trình Android (Up to $1500)
Android, Android SDK, ADT, Web Services, SOAP, Client-Server, MVVM, RESTful, Mobile App, MS SQL, MVC, UI/UX, Java, Json, Core Java, SQLite
Greensoft Vietnam Experienced (Non-Manager)
16/01/2019 Senior Front-End Developer
HTML5, CSS, IONIC, Android, MQTT, Webpack, Sass, Less, ReactJS, AngularJS, Yeoman, Bower, Java, C++, iOS, OOP
Capgemini Vietnam Experienced (Non-Manager)
15/01/2019 Java Developer
Java, Core Java, .NET, Oracle, Spring, Linux, CentOS, Hibernate, MySQL, Ubuntu, iOS, OOP, COM+, Struts, MongoDB, COM, Design Patterns, NoSQL, Android, Caching, Ecommerce, Microservices
FPT Software HN Experienced (Non-Manager)
15/01/2019 .NET Developer
.NET, JavaScript, HTML, HTML5, C#, Entity, CSS, CSS3, Adobe InDesign, WCF, MySQL, MVC, Git, Winform, MS Access, Webforms, Wordpress, Web API, Stored Procedure, SVN, MS SQL, Test Case, TypeScript, ASP.NET, jQuery, C++, PHP, Architecture, Android, UI/UX, .Net Core, Software Design, Web App
BE Solutions Experienced (Non-Manager)
15/01/2019 Java Developer
Java, JavaScript, HTML5, C#, CSS, Spring, Web Development, Linux, Hibernate, MySQL, Jira, jQuery, Core Java, C++, .NET, PHP, XML, J2EE, MVC, Git, Maven, Software development, SOAP, EJB, Winform, XHTML, MongoDB, RMI, SAX, Webforms, JPA, Wordpress, Web API, DOM, SVN, JMS, RESTful, MS SQL, SOA, Web App, ASP.NET, AngularJS, Architecture, Android, React, Spring Boot, UI/UX
BE Solutions Experienced (Non-Manager)