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Evolable Asia
Saigon Finance Center, 9 Dinh Tien Hoang, TP Hồ Chí Minh
Company Size: 100-499
Company type: Outsourcing

Công TY TNHH E.V.O.L.A.B.L.E Châu Á, EVOLABLE ASIA, Japanese-owned company operating in information technology.

Founded in 2012, EVOLABLE ASIA is a 100% foreign-invested, Japanese-owned company operating in information technology. Over 4 years, EVOLABLE ASIA has assisted over 500 Engineers to various notable partners overseas. We are one of the fastest growing Japanese IT company in this Industry in South-East Asia.

Evolable Asia just established the USA branch in Sillicon Valley called EAU. We are now looking for some customers in this potential market.

We’re heading to the upper phase, a new stage in software development with Evolable Asia Solutions (EAS). This is the special bridge between Japanese customers and Vietnamese engineers.

Our services:

- Offshore Development

- LPO/Coding