Fullstack .NET Senior Developer


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  • Job level
    Experienced (Non-Manager)
  • Work location
    Ho Chi Minh
  • Language
  • Type
    Full Time
  • Salary
    Up to 1,500 usd per month
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Business profile

Apide Vietnam

142 Vo Van Tan, Quận 3, TP Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam

: 10-24

Apide Vietnam, Tech savvy with a passion to make great products.

You are passionate about software development and doing it the right way? Awesome so are we, our customers deserve the best they can get!

You embrace changes and see it as a necessity in order to make great software? Yup so do we, and we love the agile approach!

Join Apide Vietnam as we set out on our mission to become the best software development company in Việt Nam!

Job description

Apide Vietnam is looking for experienced full stack .NET web developers with more than 3 years experience who wants to work in a challenging environment with cutting edge technology, geolocation, GIS and much more.
You will be a part of our dynamic team while building cutting edge solutions to our customers from all over the World. We will involve you in the process of determining how to improve the implementation based on your experience with software development.
You will design, develop, test and deploy software, working individually or in teams of developers as per requirements.
We want you to help with the improvement of our development processes as well as our company culture, learn about new technologies and help to train others at Apide Vietnam, the more we share knowledge and ideas the better we become at building products that delight our customers.
We have a big client in Denmark with a huge backlog of ideas just waiting for you to come onboard to implement them, there will be lots of direct interactions with this client and great opportunities to research into geolocation and GIS solutions, as this is the main focus of our new client.
We are still a relatively small company, which means you get to experience the true meaning of being a fullstack developer
We want to do software the right way, so we can be proud of our accomplishments and see that what we implement has a direct positive impact on our customers' growth, that we can grow our businesses together to build long lasting partnerships.
Work goes hand-in-hand with research into news areas, we're working with the newest technologies whenever it's possible.

NOTICE: Feel free to apply for a job at Apide Vietnam even if you don't match the current job description, but have experience with NodeJS and/or Ruby on Rails.

Why You'll Love Working Here

Being part of a company in it's initial upstart phase can be very interesting, although hard sometimes, it's a time where the foundation for company culture is laid, company processes defined, and thus our first employees will be an important element of this as well, and can credited themselves extraordinary for our success.
So you should choose Apide Vietnam if you think it would be interesting to be a part of a company with strong focus on choosing the right technologies to satisfy the customer, getting things done embracing change as a natural part of software development, and be a proactive individual in a company with a flat transparent structure, where everyone's opinion is valued.

Job requirement

Your Skills and Experience

Without adding too much text, here are grouped by area the skills and experience we're looking for:
Active projects

  • Checking stories before starting on a project
  • Writing code and automated tests as required
  • Requirements analysis with stakeholders
  • Tech breakdowns with the team
  • Using the app and manual testing
  • Deploying code, building servers
  • Working with other agencies to e.g. agree on APIs, comment on designs
  • End of development process (demos and retrospectives)
Training and community building
  • Internal mentoring / Present at community events
Commercial criteria
  • Able to communicate clearly with both nontechnical clients and hardcore developers
  • Happy to take responsibility (and authority) for every stage of a project
  • Reliability and attention to detail
Cultural criteria
  • Excited by new developments on the web, and constantly learning
  • Pragmatic – motivated by project success as well as code beauty
  • Opinionated about technology and able to argue a case intelligently and respectfully
Skills and abilities
Must have
  • Code: Can write C# and use the .NET MVC framework, HTML, JavaScript and CSS proficiently
  • Learning: Can get up to speed on new technologies quickly, and independently by using online resources
  • Independence & collaboration: Can work individually or as part of a technical team depending on the requirements
  • Communication: Can extract a clear set of requirements from a nontechnical client through careful questioning, and communicate proficiently in English, both orally and in writing
  • Product design: Can adapt requirements to something technically feasible and commercially successful
  • Databases: Can use MS SQL and query the database directly using SQL, furthermore it’s an advantage to be familiar with PostgreSQL and PostGIS, MongoDB and other non-SQL databases
  • JavaScript: Can write complex, structured JavaScript proficiently, and must be familiar with AngularJS
  • HTML & CSS: Can do HTML markup and styling based on a design provided by clients
  • C#: Code is modular and existing packages are used in favor of home cooked solutions
  • XML, XSD, XSLT: Has used XML with XSDs to validate the document structure and has experience with XML transformations
Nice to have
  • Server: Can deploy to, and manage a servers on Microsoft Azure
  • UX: Can create efficient user flows
  • Visuals: Can create visual designs
  • Scrum: Can write user stories, plan sprints, draw burndowns, and run demos
  • Training: Can train others through blogging, mentoring, and presenting
  • Experience with Xamarin and/or Unity
  • Experience with WordPress customization such as theme development


  • English : (Speaking: Intermediate - Reading: Intermediate - Writing: Intermediate)

Technical skills

  • C#
  • AngularJS
  • .NET
  • Manual Testing
  • API
  • Unity
  • MVC
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • MS SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • PostGIS
  • MongoDB
  • XML
  • XSD
  • MS Azure
  • Xamarin
  • Wordpress


  • Proactive
  • Analytic Skills
  • Training Skills
  • Responsible
  • Reliable
  • Working Independently
  • Careful

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