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Python is a high-level programming language for general-purposes. It is used as an English speak programming, programmers can easily access the libraries, often referred to cleaner code. It is used for websites, internet protocols, desktop GUI.


Posted date Position Company Level
19/01/2019 Data Scientist
Python, Java, Machine Learning, Data Modeling
Knorex Experienced (Non-Manager)
19/01/2019 Research Engineer - Data Science
Python, MS SQL, Apache Spark, Algorithm, Machine Learning, Statistics
Trusting Social Experienced (Non-Manager)
19/01/2019 Kỹ Sư Triển Khai Hệ Thống (Hà Nội)
Web Services, Perl, Python, JavaScript, Oracle, IBM WebSphere, Windows, Linux, WebLogic, AIX, MS SQL
HPT Vietnam Corporation Experienced (Non-Manager)
19/01/2019 5 Devops Engineers (blockchain projects)
DevOps, MS Azure, AWS, CD, Bash, Blockchain, CI, Linux, Python, Unix, VMware, NodeJS, Jenkins
FPT Software HN Experienced (Non-Manager)
19/01/2019 Full Stack Developer _ Senior and Junior
CSS, PostgreSQL, Python, Git, Github, Rest API, Elasticsearch, Responsive Design, ES6, AWS, Flask, JavaScript, HTML
Launch Deck Experienced (Non-Manager)
19/01/2019 Senior DevOps Engineer
DevOps, AWS, Linux, DNS, VPN, BGP, MySQL, Python, Unix, Perl, Shell Script, MS Virtualization Technologies, Ruby, MS SQL, Puppet, Chef, Vagrant, Load Balancing, Network Administration, Ansible, Kubernetes, IBM, IPSEC, GCP
Magnolia Vietnam Experienced (Non-Manager)
18/01/2019 NLP Engineering (Up to 1800$)
Java, C++, Python, LAMP, Hadoop, Apache Spark, Scala, Apache, MLlib, NLP
Viettel Cyberspace Center (VTCC) Experienced (Non-Manager)
18/01/2019 Data Engineer (Up to 1800$)
Java, Python, Scala, Big Data, Apache Kafka, MongoDB, Cassandra, ETL, NoSQL, Hadoop, MapReduce, Hbase, Apache Spark
Viettel Cyberspace Center (VTCC) Experienced (Non-Manager)
18/01/2019 Kỹ sư AI
AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning, Tensorflow, Keras, Caffe, PyTorch, Python, OpenCV, C++
Elcom Experienced (Non-Manager)
18/01/2019 Senior C++ Engineer, Sdk ( Up to $2500)
Python, C, Architecture, Android, CI, Computer Science, OOD, Automation Testing, Foundation, C++, Algorithm, Machine Learning, iOS, Matlab, Git, Software development
Emotiv Technology Vietnam Experienced (Non-Manager)
17/01/2019 Senior Full Stack Developer
HTML5, Python, JavaScript, Computer Science, Web App, React, AWS, Clarity, MS SQL, CSS, PostgreSQL, MySQL
Tenpoint7 Experienced (Non-Manager)
17/01/2019 Data Analyst
Python, VBA, SPSS, MS SQL, Clementine, MS Office, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, Statistics
Epinion Vietnam Experienced (Non-Manager)
16/01/2019 Kỹ Sư Công Nghệ Thông Tin – Chuyên Viên Quản Lý và Triển Khai Dự Án Khoa Học và Công Nghệ
Java, .NET, PHP, C#, Oracle, MySQL, MVC, Python, Big Data
MobiFone Network Center Experienced (Non-Manager)
16/01/2019 5 Developers (Java, .NET)
Java, JavaScript, .NET, PHP, XML, HTML, CSS, Ajax, MySQL, Python, Design Patterns, Golang, jQuery
Nissho Electronics Experienced (Non-Manager)
16/01/2019 Fullstack Developer
Java, .NET, HTML5, C#, Entity, CSS3, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, Domain, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Python, OOP, Git, Software development, MongoDB, Web API, HTTP, API, NoSQL, RESTful, RDBMS, MariaDB, Mobile App, MS SQL, SOA, AngularJS, Elasticsearch, SOLID, Docker, Xamarin, MS Azure, DevOps, React, CI, DDD, AWS, CD, Kubernetes, DRY
Orient Software Experienced (Non-Manager)