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Posted date Position Company Level
24/05/2018 Exciting job openings in the Netherlands
Computer Science, Industrial Automation
TOG recruitment Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Fullstack Developers (React and .Net Core)
.Net Core, ReactJS, Redux, Sass, Less, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, HTML, CSS, Algorithm, Bootstrap, Ajax, Git, Unit testing, System Design, API, RESTful, GruntJS, Bower, Karma, Foundation, GulpJS
TOG recruitment Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 .NET Developer (Upto $1200)
ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, Entity, CSS, Oracle, WPF, Linq, MVC, JavaScript, .NET, HTML, MS Office, OOP, XAML, MVVM, Stored Procedure, Razor, NUnit, Design Patterns, Automation Testing, MS SQL, Jenkins, TeamCity, MS Azure, CI
NTQ Solution Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 System Engineer
MS SQL, Linux, CentOS, MySQL, MongoDB, NoSQL, NodeJS, Puppet, Chef, Redis, Ansible, HAProxy, Salt
Yomedia - New Pine Multimedia Technologies Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 PHP Developer
PHP, OOP, MVC, JavaScript, Json, HTML, CSS, Algorithm, Linux, CakePHP, Git, Yii, Web Services, CodeIgniter, Design Patterns, Multi-Threading, NodeJS, MS SQL, AngularJS, Laravel, UI, RESTful API
FPT Telecom Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 .Net Developer
.NET, C#, Oracle, ODI
FPT Information System (FIS) Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Java Developer
Java, Core Java, OOAD, SOAP, Load Testing, RESTful, MS SQL, Oracle, Spring, Hibernate, J2EE, Struts, Ant, Maven
FPT Information System (FIS) Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Chuyên Viên Phân Tích Nghiệp Vụ Ngân Hàng
MS Excel, MS Powerpoint
FPT Information System (FIS) Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Senior Front-end Engineer
AngularJS, JavaScript, ReactJS, Angular2, Foundation, React, Sass, Less, jQuery, Json, PHP, HTML5, CSS2, Bootstrap, Ajax, Python, Web Services, NodeJS
Inspectorio Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Senior Back-end Engineer - Up to $3k
Python, Java, Flask, Spring, AngularJS, React, AWS
Inspectorio Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Software Engineers (C/C++) 8 Staff
C, C++, Software Design
Wacontre Vietnam Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Software Testers (QA QC) – 4 Staff
Test Case, QA QC
Wacontre Vietnam Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 iOS Developer ( Objective C,Mobile Apps)
Mobile App, Objective C, iOS, Social Network, Swift, StoreKit, UIKit, MessageUI, Core Data, AdMob, iAd
GVN Technology Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 15 PHP Developers (Attractive Salary)
MySQL, PHP, Laravel, Redis, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Zend, OOP, Database Design, Yii, MongoDB, Couchbase, Design Patterns, NoSQL
Paymentwall Inc. Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 10 Full Stack Developers (PHP)
MySQL, HTML5, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MVC, Zend, OOP, Git, Yii, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Phalcon
Bin Holdings Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 PHP Developer
PHP, CakePHP, MySQL, Joomla, MVC, JavaScript, jQuery, Json, HTML, HTML5, CMS, CSS, CSS3, Bootstrap, Git, Yii, Web Services, CodeIgniter, Wordpress, WebSocket, Magento, Symfony, SVN, RESTful, AngularJS, EC-CUBE, Laravel, ReactJS, Computer Science, Bash
Prime Labo Technology Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Mobile Dev (Android/iOS/ReactNative)
Android, iOS, React, Computer Science
Nexle Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Tech Assistant to Chairman_Lương 20 - 30M (Background IT, Tiếng Anh Thành thạo)
PHP, Java, PMP, UML, Ecommerce
Nexttech Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 10 Back End Engineers Salary Up to $4000
Ruby, Python, Java, Algorithm, Rest, Git, Automation Testing, NoSQL, Jenkins, Docker, Schema Design, Golang, CI, Caching, CD, Kubernetes, OOD, Fintech
Trusting Social Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Kế toán tiếng Nhật N2 23 triệu
QuickBooks Accounting System, MS Office
Vietinterview Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Mobile Developer
Mobile App, Android, iOS, XCode, OOP, SOAP, MVVM, MVP, Swift, Cocoa, RESTful, Mobile Development, Push Notification, Gradle, Java, Animation, Eclipse, MVC, Objective C, UI, Kotlin
Officience Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Photoshop Automation Expert
Adobe Photoshop, Software development
Pixelz Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Backend Developer (PHP/ Laravel/ MySQL)
MySQL, PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, MongoDB
Manifera Software Development Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 PHP Developers
MySQL, Wordpress, PHP, HTML, CSS, Ajax, PHPfox, MVC, CakePHP, JavaScript
SocialLOFT Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Java Web Developer
Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Portal, J2EE, Java
TMON Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Senior Java Developer Onsite Tại Nhật Bản
Java, PHP, MySQL, OOP, Web Services, API, Memcached, Multi-Threading, Redis, Caching, AWS, HTML, CSS, Spring, Bootstrap, Linux, PostgreSQL, JavaScript
VNext Software Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Up to $1500 Sharepoint Dev (Senior/Leader)
MS SharePoint, HTML5, .NET, HTML, CSS, Lotus Notes, JavaScript
CO-WELL ASIA Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 5 Python Devs (Django, MySQL) Up to $1500
Python, MySQL, Django, AWS, Flask, GCP, Web Services
CO-WELL ASIA Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Project Manager ( Software Implementation)
TRG International Manager
24/05/2018 10 Back-end Engineers (Java/Python/Ruby)
Python, Ruby, Java, Algorithm, Rest, Git, Automation Testing, NoSQL, Jenkins, Docker, Schema Design, Golang, CI, Caching, CD, Kubernetes, OOD, Fintech
Trusting Social Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 PHP Developer (Up to $1800)
HTML5, CSS, PHP, HTML, CMS, JavaScript, Linux, Joomla, Zend, Yii, MongoDB, NodeJS, UX, Drupal, Laravel, Redis, CI
Ecomobi Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Senior PHP Software Developer
MySQL, Linux, PHP, PHPUnit, Zend, Selenium, Software development, Automation Testing, SVN, NoSQL, Jenkins, Redis, Computer Science
Ndex Technologies Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Front-end Developer (JavaScript)
AngularJS, JavaScript, Git, PHP, MySQL, Rest API, Elasticsearch, Architecture, DevOps, Golang, AWS, Amazon EC2, Fit, Microservices, Aurora
GO1 Vietnam Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Java Developer (HTML/Spring)-Upto $1200
HTML5, Java, Spring, Algorithm, iOS, Git, Design Patterns, MariaDB, Android, JavaScript, CSS3
Relipa Software Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Trưởng Phòng Kinh Doanh Dự Án
MS Excel, MS Powerpoint
Nguyen Kim Computer Team Leader/Supervisor
24/05/2018 5 System Admin (Linux/System Engineer)
Linux, C++, Apache, Caching, C++, Oracle, MySQL, Apache Tomcat, Shell Script, Nginx, Java
VIVAS Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 8 Java Developers (Spring, JavaScript)
JavaScript, Java, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, Struts, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Oracle
VIVAS Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Full Stack Java Dev (Spring/AngularJS)
HTML5, J2EE, Java, jQuery, JSP, HTML, CMS, CSS, Spring, MySQL, JDBC, Java Servlet, WebSocket, Portal, JAX-WS, CDI
TP and P Technology Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 C# .NET Staff (<1 year exp) / Leader
C#, ASP.NET, MS SQL, AngularJS, Single Page Application, Web App, MES, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, Entity, CSS, Bootstrap, MVC, Rest, ERP, API
K.System And Solutions Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 UX Designer (UI/UX, Up to $1300 net)
UI/UX, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, InVision, Game Design
Gear Inc. Vietnam Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 20 Golang Developers: From Zero to Hero
Java, PHP, Golang, Kotlin, Web App, C#, Algorithm, Rest, Git, Web Services, Swift, Ruby, Design Patterns, NodeJS, Github, Architecture
Lifetime Technologies Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Tuyển Gấp ! 10 Nữ Kỹ Sư Cơ Điện Tử ・IT・ Hóa Học Làm Việc Tại Nhật Bản
MS Excel, MS Powerpoint
YumeAgent Vietnam Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 4 PHP Developers
PHP, SOAP, Rest, Git, Maven, Web Services, CMS, MySQL, Jira, Eclipse, MVC, Zend, SVN, MS SQL, Gradle, Laravel, Confluence, JavaScript
Laudert Vietnam Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Sr. .NET/WPF/SQL/C# Developers $1K-2K
C#, MS SQL, .NET, WPF, Windows, Dependency Injection, NHibernate, Winform
Rangstrup IT Vietnam Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Senior Mobile Developer (Android/ios/reactnative)
React, iOS, Android, Mobile Development
Nexle Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Sr. Frontend Developer (ReactJS) Up to 2,500
AngularJS, JavaScript, ReactJS, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, React, Webpack, Browserify, Npm, Redux, Sass, Less
LARION Computing Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 Urgent 2 Mobile App Devs (Reactnative) Up to 1500$
Git, Github, BitBucket, Android, React, DRY, SVN, Mobile App, JavaScript, jQuery, Json, XML, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Ajax, iOS
PowerGate Software Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 5 Bridge Engineers (BrSE)
Bridge SE, Java, PHP, .NET
Unitech Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 40 Phát triển phần mềm (Java/PHP, MySQL)
MySQL, Java, PHP, PostgreSQL, .NET
Unitech Experienced (Non-Manager)
24/05/2018 10 Chuyên viên nghiên cứu (Embedded/iOS)
Embedded, iOS, Objective C, Web Services, ARM, Digital Signal Processing
Unitech Experienced (Non-Manager)

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