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Ruby on Rails

Rails is a web application framework based on Ruby. It provides default structure for databases, web services and webpages. Rails uses web page standards for data transfer, HTML, CSS and JS. Rails is used to build GitHub, Twitter, Yellow Pages, etc.


Posted date Position Company Level
14/08/2018 Senior Back-end Developer
Ruby on Rails, Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Git, MongoDB, AngularJS, CoffeeScript, Firebase, Sass, ReactJS, RESTful API
AD VN Experienced (Non-Manager)
13/08/2018 Solution Architect (Ruby, NodeJS)
Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Ruby, iOS, Android, React, AWS, ReactJS
Dinosys Corporation Team Leader/Supervisor
10/08/2018 Future Chief Architect (Kiến trúc sư phần mềm tương lai - FCA)
Chef, .NET, Java, JavaScript, PHP, HTML5, CSS, MySQL, Python, MongoDB, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, MS SQL
TOPICA Edtech Group Experienced (Non-Manager)
10/08/2018 Urgent_Senior RoR $1000-$2500)
MySQL, Linux, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Lambda, RDBMS, Nginx, Apache Solr, Elasticsearch, Chef, Redis, Ansible, RSpec, Capistrano, Amazon S3, AWS, Amazon SQS, Amazon EC2, PostgreSQL, OOP, Database Design, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS
ZIGExN VeNtura Experienced (Non-Manager)
09/08/2018 Web Development Engineer
Web Development, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Bootstrap, Ajax, CVS, NoSQL, MS SQL, MS Azure, AWS, Java, jQuery, .NET, PHP, ASP, HTML, C#, CSS, WPF
Panasonic R&D Center Vietnam Experienced (Non-Manager)
09/08/2018 Kiến Trúc Sư Phần Mềm Tương Lai - Fca (Future Chief Architect)
.NET, Java, PHP, HTML5, CSS, MySQL, Python, MongoDB, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, MS SQL, JavaScript
TOPICA Edtech Group Experienced (Non-Manager)
09/08/2018 Urgent_Senior Tester ($500-$1500)
QA QC, Tester, Test Case, Ruby on Rails, Ruby
ZIGExN VeNtura Experienced (Non-Manager)
08/08/2018 5 Ruby On Rails Devs (HTML5, MySQL)
MySQL, HTML5, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, SVN, ORM, RESTful, RDBMS, Github, AngularJS, Redis, Amazon Cloud, React, Amazon S3, AWS, Amazon SQS, VueJS, Amazon EC2, ReactJS, GCP, PostgreSQL, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, MVC, Git, MongoDB
Neolab Vietnam HCM Experienced (Non-Manager)
06/08/2018 Urgent!! Kỹ Sư Cầu Nối Tiếng Nhật N2 - BrSE Ngôn Ngữ Ror/php ( $800-$2500)
PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, CodeIgniter, Ruby, Symfony, SVN, NoSQL, JavaScript, Spring, Linux, CentOS, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Ubuntu, MVC, Zend, OOP, CakePHP, Git, Struts, Database Design, Software development
ZIGExN VeNtura Experienced (Non-Manager)
06/08/2018 Junior / Senior Ruby on Rails developers
HTML5, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, MySQL, OOP, Cache, NodeJS, Jenkins, SCSS, AWS, Sass, Less
SSTech Experienced (Non-Manager)
05/08/2018 Ruby On Rails Developer
Ruby on Rails, Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Git, Web Services, TDD, Design Patterns, Automation Testing, RESTful, TestDriven.Net, AWS, Adobe Photoshop
Harvey Nash Vietnam Experienced (Non-Manager)
04/08/2018 Web Developer (PHP/Ruby) ~1 year exp
Ruby on Rails, Ruby, PHP, C#, Python, OOP, Java
Framgia Experienced (Non-Manager)
04/08/2018 2 Senior Ruby on Rails Developers
Ruby on Rails, MVC, Ruby, ORM, RESTful, RSpec, Resque, Mocking
PowerGate Software Experienced (Non-Manager)
04/08/2018 Ruby On Rails Developer (Attractive Salary)
Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Web Services, Linux, C, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Mulodo Vietnam Experienced (Non-Manager)
02/08/2018 Ruby on Rails Developer (Up to $1500)
Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Web Services, Cache, HTTP, Ruby, API, RDBMS, Load Balancing, CI, RSpec, AWS, Computer Science, Web App
Evolable Asia Experienced (Non-Manager)