General terms and conditions


Please read these general terms and conditions carefully ("the Conditions"). By using the Site and the online recruitment- and advertorial solutions ("the Service") you commit yourself ("You" ) to follow the conditions concerning this Site and Service. When you disagree the Conditions, you are not authorized to use the Site and Service. Your use of the Site and Service will be considered as an agreement to the Conditions.

TOG Ltd. ("The Orange Group Ltd.") can change the conditions from time to time. That is why ITJobs advises you the read this page regularly to review the Conditions, because eventual changes will be binding for you.

Your use of this Site and Service

You are authorized to view this Site and Service and to use it on the condition that this use is for legal goals; concerning finding a job, information or advertorial solutions.

You may not use the Site for any other purpose such as modify, copy, reproduce, transmit, distribute, publish, create derivative works from, display or otherwise transfer or commercially exploit any of the Content from this Site. You take care that all information you sent to ITJobs or to any other advertiser is correct and legal.

It is illegal to:

place material which violates eventual private rights, authors’ rights, morel rights, database rights, trademarks, patents or any other intellectual ownerships of any party;

place material which contain viruses, worms or ‘Trojan horses’ that can disturb the Site’s activity;

place material which contains data, images or so that can be insulting, offensive or disgraceful or can be considered insulting, offensive or disgraceful;

place material which is incomplete, misleading or incorrect, or information you do not own;

place a franchise of pyramid game or to expand any other commercial activities.

Authors’ rights and intellectual ownership

The contents of the Site and all other web sites which are under the wing of ITJobs are protected in consequence of authors’ rights of the United Kingdom and is property of ITJobs.

ITJobs does not permit or authorises any user to use her trademarks, service marks or any other author’s protecting works or intellectual properties.

Privacy and data protection

ITJobs is registered at the Data Protection Commissioner [supervisor for data protection] and uses the security procedures of the Data Protection Act 1988 [English Law for protecting of personal Data] for saving and releasing information you provide to ITJobs. All personal information you provide will be treated as confidential information by ITJob


ITJobs wishes to offer a service as comprehensive as possible to those who place vacancies and services and to candidates who place cv’s. ITJobs does not check the vacancies offered and is not capable of checking to correctness of the information a user provides.

ITJobs excludes all liability towards all information which is provided by advertisers, as well as recruitment agencies and candidates.

ITJobs will take all reasonable action to make sure that the Site functions properly, but cannot guarantee that the Site will be operational at any given time and declines on that account all liability for any situations in which there is no continue service with no interference.

ITJobs does not explain in any way involving any of the vacancies or advertisements which can be accessed through the Site or through a link to another website. ITJobs will take all reasonable action to make sure that the material on this website is correct, but cannot accept liability for this information, because ITJobs depends on the information

Nevertheless, any other terms in the Conditions or on the Site, ITJobs will have no liability against you in any way concerning the Conditions involving diminution in profit or the loss of contracts or for special, indirect or consequential loss, or for higher costs or expenses.

You agree to defend ITJobs and associated companies against protecting and indemnify all regulations, procedures, losses, compensations, liability, costs and expends, including eventual reasonable compensations for legal aid, which can occur when you use the Site and/or the Service.

Nothing in this Conditions eliminates the liability for decease or personal injuries due to negligence of ITJobs, fraudulent statements by ITJobs, or any other legal rights which cannot be exluded.

ITJobs will not be responsible to you in any direct, indirect, consequence-, special or other damage to your computer systems or for viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other destructive elements caused in any way after using the Site.


You agree ITJobs has the right to deny or to limit the access to the Site or to the service by third parties, at any time. ITJobs is not responsible for informing any third service party concerning a limited or denied access.


No variation or change in the Conditions will be legal or effective. The Conditions represent the complete agreements between the parties and replace all previous agreements between the parties considering the subject of the Conditions.

You may not transfer your rights and obligations considering the Conditions to another person.

Nothing in the Conditions will stop ITJobs to end the Site or any other service offered through this Site in the future.

When any of the conditions are not valid, illegal or not enforceable for any reason, a certain condition will be cancelled and the remaining conditions will be kept completely as if the Conditions implemented with the invalid condition was removed. In the case of a delay or incorrectness which is so fundamental that the accomplishment of the Condit

The Vietnamese right apply to this Conditions and they will be interpreted in accordance. Eventual disagreements will be submitted to the competent Vietnamese court.