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TOG Ltd., located at 157-159 Xuan Hong, Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (owner of “IT Jobs”, “we, us, ours”) is a new innitiative in online solutions for online recruitment and employment advertisement. IT Jobs is responsible for processing the personal data which will be collected of the clients who need recruitment services and for p

This privacy policy assigns how your data will be collected, processed and passed on and what your rights will be concerning your personal data.

Collecting your data

Our main goal is to support the recruitment process by matching the needs of our clients with the vacancies or the candidates in the IT-sector. To comply with our legal and professional commitment we collect personal data you provide us when you visit our Homepage. We use the data to improve our services to you and to analyze and correct any possib

During the recruitment process we can save further information about you which can be useful for a successful placement.

Our use of your data

To deliver our products and services to you, your data will be saved, processed and passed on by us for the following goals:

- to support the recruitment process by matching your data with the characteristics of the ICT vacancies;

- to show your knowledge and experience to our clients who might be interested in using your services. We will only pass on your data to clients when you gave us your approval;

- to give you the opportunity to subscribe to our ‘Receive latest Jobs by email’-service. Through this service you will receive information per e-mail about the newest vacancies which match your sector and professional experience. When you receive information about vacancies through the ‘Receive latest Jobs by email’-service, you will be able to ca

- to inform you about IT-vacancies and IT-assignments at contracting or freelance basis which might be interesting for you in our opinion;

- to inform you about our products and services which are offered by extern commercial companions which might be relevant for your sector. You can cancel receiving these emails at any time at;

- to obtain the commercial relation with you as user of the;

- to inform you about the products and services (concerning your sector and professional interests) which are offered by us or by our group projects through relevant marketing messages. These messages can contain information about candidates and/or consultants who have applied to us recently, workshops for clients, market news, new software or trai

- to fulfill our duties from the settled contracts between you and us;

- to inform you about changes in our services.

Right of access and change of your data and protests to processing data

You can contact us at when you:

- Have questions about the data we have considering you.

- Would like to inform us about changes in your data or when you would like to improve the data.

- Would like to make a request concerning processing of your personal data.

- No longer wish to receive marketing messages per e-mail from us or our group projects. In that case sent us an e-mail to the address mentioned above or click the link for unsubscribing in one of the marketing messages you have received from us;

- Would like to access the data we have concerning you. We inform you in writing which personal data we have saved about you in our database and where we found these data.

- No longer wish we save data concerning you, you will have the right to report this at any time. In that case we will remove all information you mention from our database in accordance with the legal regulations.

Distributing your data

We would like to provide you our service and support in the best way we can according to your recruitment needs. Possibly, your data will be accessible for companies of the TOG Enterprise Group, which exists out of IT Media and other Resourcing, with consideration of strict security controls and measurements to protect your privacy in accordance wi –

We can share your personal data and other information to third parties when our company incorporates with another organisation or is taken over by another organisation. In that case we can share the data to that other organisation.


Our website can contain links to other websites. These websites are out of our control and do not follow our regulations. When you visit other websites through these links the controllers of the other sites can collect data of you which will be used according their own privacy regulations, which can vary from ours.

The quality of your data

We are confident that the data you will sent us are complete, precise and accurate. Inform us about eventual changes or inaccuracies in your data as soon as possible.

Saving your data

We will save your data to offer you recruitment services in the future and to maintain the commercial relationship with you. When the commercial relationship ends, we will remove your personal data in accordance of our legal regulations.

Safety measurements

We made proper technical and organizational measurements to keep your data safe and to protect your data against deliberate or undeliberate manipulation, destruction, loss or illegal access.

Despite our effort to keep your data safe, we will like to point out that internet is not a safe form of communication. Personal data which are passed on through internet can be intercepted by other people. We cannot guarantee you the safety of the personal data you provide us through this website. By using this website and providing your personal

Changes of this regulations

All future changes of our Cookies- and Privacy regulations are published on this page. We advise you to check the date of this regulation for eventual changes or adjustments when you visit our website.

Cookies regulation

What are cookies ?

A cookie is a little file which is saved by your browser or the hard disk of your computer, if you agree. Cookies contain information which contain information about the website you are visiting.

What kind of cookies do we use ?

We use two sorts of cookies on our website.

These are temporary cookies which are only saved during your visit at the website, in other words, until you shut down the browser after you visited the website. Session-cookies will help our website to remember the choices you made on the previous page, so that you do not have to enter your data again. These cookies of our website do not contain p

‘Permanent cookies’
These are cookies which will stay on your computer or device after you visited our website. These cookies will help us to identify you as a unique visitor by saving a random generated number.

Why do we use cookies ?

To connect our website with your individual needs in the best way we can, we use different types of technics, like cookies, to distinguish you from other users of the website.

We use cookies:
- to recognize visitors of our website, to measure the number of visitors and to discover which pages, or part of pages, the users of our website visit.

- to find out in what way the visitors of our website navigate during the use of the site. In addition to that we use for example Google Analytics, a commonly used service of Google Inc. for the analysis of the website use. Google Analytics uses cookies which help us to measure the number of visitors of our website. This will help us to improve the

- to improve and observe the advertisements we offer to our visitors. We also use Google the DoubleClick- cookie, one of world’s most leading providers in ad management and ad serving solutions. Like most websites and search engines, Google uses cookies in order to improve use experience and to show the relevant advertisements. Click the link for m

To sum up, by using cookies, we are able to improve user’s experience when you visit our website and we are able to improve our services to you. Our cookies are registered in our browser and we assume you will accept them by your constant use of our website. You can turn off some cookies like described below. In case you turn off these cookies, we

Turning cookies off and on

By accepting cookies you can use the website in the best way you can.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can turn off these function at any time. You can also set the browser that you will be warned when a cookie is sent. Through settings of your browser you can block all or some cookies. When you block all cookies, you may have no access to our website or some parts of it.

The settings for cookies can be different per browser. To make it easier for you, we described how you can change the settings of most browsers below.

Change cookie settings in browsers in Windows

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, 8 & 9

- Choose 'Extra' in the menu of the browser and choose ‘Internet options’. Click tab ‘Privacy’ afterwards.
- Make sure the security level is set to ‘medium’ or less, to permit cookies in your browser.
- When the security level is higher than ‘medium’ , the cookies will be blocked.

Mozilla Firefox

- Click 'Extra' in the menu of the browser and choose ‘Options’
- Click Privacy
- Click ‘Cookies’ and mark 'accept Cookies of websites

Google Chrome

- Click 'Tools' in the menu of the browser and select ‘Settings’.
- Click ‘Show advanced settings’. Click in part 'Privacy' on ‘Content settings’.
- Mark 'Permit local data will be set'.


- Click the ‘gear’-icon in the menu of the browser and choose ‘options’
- Click 'Security’ and mark 'Block cookies third parties and advertisers'
- Click 'Save'.

Change cookie settings in Apple browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 for OSX

- Click 'Explorer' in the menu of the browser and click ‘Options’ afterwards
- Scroll to ‘Cookies’ in ‘Files received'.
- Mark ‘Do not ask again'.

Safari in OSX

- Click 'Safari' in the menu of the browser en choose 'Options'.
- Click ‘Security’

Other browsers

- When you use another browser, consult the product information, online helpdesk or the website of the browser’s maker.