108 Tran Minh Quyen, TP Hồ Chí Minh
Company Size: 25-99
Company type: Outsourcing

JV-IT provides software outsourcing solutions by international standards.

Founded in 2006 with 100% Japan-invested capital, JV-IT Company provides software outsourcing solutions reached international standards. JV-IT specializes in providing website development services, and information technology products, games ... for the Japanese market.

After more than 7 years of operation, becoming one of the leading brands in Vietnam and many countries around the world, we are aware that we have to focus on sustainable development based on human. So we have spent the biggest budgets on training and improving the quality of our young and dynamic staff.

JV-IT is a place where you are expected to express your talent, develop creative ability. There is no idea that is small to us, we honor and create favorable conditions for you to turn it into reality.

Our company is now constantly expanding the business, strengthening human resources to meet the demand of many large projects. Come with us to put your personal growth in parallel with the growth of the company!