54A Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hà Nội
Company Size: 100-499
Company type: Product

MSB is proud to be the first Joint Stock Commercial Bank since 1991.

Over 28 years of establishment and development, MSB has constantly created many breakthrough milestones in the banking industry:

From 2009 to 2010, MSB developed a long-term / scale business strategy in consultation with McKinsey International.

In 2015, MSB became one of the leading joint stock commercial banks in terms of charter capital & network by merging Mekong Development Commercial Joint Stock Bank & acquiring Vietnam Textile and Garment Financial Joint Stock Company.

In 2018, MSB continues to pioneer the application of 4.0 technology and becomes the first bank to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to credit card issuance & successfully integrate QR code payment method with 2 partners. The major partner is Vnpay & Payoo.

In 2019, MSB will implement a comprehensive change from brand recognition to experience model to become the most reliable bank, with the best customer understanding and high profitability in Vietnam.