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One Mount Group
Times City, 458 Minh Khai, Hà Nội
Company Size: 25-99
Company type: Product

One Mount Group (1MG) goal is to build Vietnam’s largest-scale technological ecosystem.

1MG was established with the vision of promoting and contributing to the economy’s efficiency, creating a technology infrastructure for Vietnamese businesses to accelerate its value added, providing products to consumers at a more competitive cost of goods sold.

1MG is committed to building a strong and sustainable Vietnamese business, creating a broad playing field to nurture and grow future start-ups. We believe that from our core infrastructure the following “giant” businesses of Vietnam will be generated. The goal of 1MG is to build Vietnam’s largest-scale technological ecosystem with solutions in order to link, optimize and close the gaps of the value chain of focused economic sectors having strong growth in Vietnam.

With a sound financial position and business administration, 1MG has competitive advantages to attract and retain the best Vietnamese talents from all over the world.